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Coleman Ebisch is a junior at Glendale High School lifts up his classmate, strapped to a gurney, and slides the student into the ambulance. It’s something he’s never done, but he’s been around ambulances before. 

He’s a cadet for the Logan Rogersville Fire Prevention District -- and he’s also a student in the Health Sciences pathway student in the STEM Academy at Glendale. 

“I want to be a firefighter best ed pills over the counter, so the Health Sciences Pathway has all the classes that go hand in hand with me being a firefighter someday,” said Coleman. “I’ve been around ambulances before, going on calls with the fire station, but today I learned all that goes into being an EMT or a paramedic.” 

On April 5-6, four Health Sciences pathway classes in the STEM College & Career Academy at Glendale High School participated in a hands-on, immersive paramedicine learning experience. Ozarks Technical Community College director of Paramedicine Josh Freeman and OTC EMT instructor Gavin Harnstrom shared insights into paramedicine as a career field. Then, they gave students free reign to explore and examine the OTC EMT ambulance. 


“It’s great to be with high school students and show them all that goes into paramedicine, as well as tell them about the EMT program at OTC,” said Harnstrom. “Showing the students an ambulance is a great way to recruit students for our EMT program and consider paramedicine. I didn’t have anything like this in high school, an opportunity to really explore a career, and it’s great.” 

For nearly an hour, Glendale students in the Health Sciences class were encouraged to use equipment, navigate paramedicine devices and get behind the wheel of a parked ambulance. GHS Health Sciences teacher Justine Lines even assisted students in navigating how, and when, to safely lift another individual using a gurney -- key skills for being a paramedic. 

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“I chose to be a part of the Health Science Pathway in STEM Academy because I’m interested in all of the career paths that go along with it, including maybe being a paramedic” said Hannah White, sophomore. “I like the real-world projects and hands-on learning we get to do. It’s really interesting, especially today. I’ve never been in an ambulance before; it was really fun.” 

Health Sciences Academy students at Hillcrest will get a similar opportunity with a visit from the OTC EMT ambulance later this spring. The on-campus learning experiences are made possible by over the counter erection pills the ongoing partnership with the College and Career Academies of Glendale and Hillcrest and Ozarks Technical Community College’s Paramedicine program, said Marissa Weaver, College & Career Academy coach. 

“The College & Career Academies at Glendale and Hillcrest put students in the driver’s seat of their own futures,” said Weaver. “In this instance, that's exactly what they're doing, getting a hands-on experience of a potential career field. And we know when students can really explore career pathways, then they’re better able to develop a plan for their future before they leave high school. That’s relevant college and career readiness in action.”

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